Thanks so much for your classes - I really enjoyed them and you have helped me through a pretty tricky time. Your warmth, support and advice really made a difference. Don't know if you remember saying it, but you said I should try not to be afraid of my body and that has totally stayed with me, so thank you. You are so good at what you do and create such a lovely relaxed atmosphere for postnatal (potentially fragile) women to practice and feel good about themselves and their bodies as they go through the roller coaster that is motherhood!

H Farrow

Dear Cynthia, I am writing to thank-you for your never failing energy and enthusiasm. You have been keeping my muscles on the 'straight and narrow' and brought my body back to (a surprisingly flexible and pain-free) life. It isn't just your professionalism and incredible knowledge about each and every bit of our bodies and the exercises that I want to praise, but the atmosphere of the studio, your friendly and straightforward ways, always smiling and encouraging each one of us. All together, it makes your Pilates classes unmissable and something I am always looking forward to!

Orsi C-L

I think we all love being taught by you, you are so attentive, encouraging and I really look forward to your classes knowing they'll be challenging yet relaxing and with a bit of fun thrown in too

Julie S

Cynthia's Pilates sessions cannot be recommended highly enough. I suffered an extremely painful prolapsed disc in my spine earlier in the year... The surgeon was ready to be put me under the knife until I got a second opinion and told to take up Pilates. This turned out to be the best advice ever! The Reformer sessions have been immensely beneficial and thanks to Cynthia, my core stability is back to the level of my youthful days!

S Judge, Twickenham

Thank you for oodles of help, tips, Pilates and being a Mum advice and for getting me into better shape and Milly hopefully liking exercise. Wow more than a regular Pilates class!

G Cooper

Im sorry we didn't get to say bye before we left - but I wanted to say thank you so much, I've absolutely loved your pilates classes over the last 18 months... I've signed up for some classes up here - but they're just not the same!! I cant recommened your pregnancy & mum ad baby classes enough - I rave about them to anyone who'll listen!


If there was such a thing as an internal massage for the muscles, this is it. My stiff, sometimes achey body always feels better after a class taught by Cynthia. Having done martial arts for several years, I was initially dubious as to how strenuous Pilates could possibly be, but it is challenging and has made me feel fitter and more toned, and I ache in a good way after many classes – a sign of being challenged and (literally) stretched physically, which is what I need. Cynthia explains moves in a very visual and empathetic manner, always anticipating and stepping in without being asked – she is a superb teacher.

J Persaud

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