Weekly Pilates classes at our studio

At our studio we offer weekly Mat and Reformer classes as well as Private and Semi-Private Pilates sessions. We offer classes suitable for all levels, from beginner through to advanced, antenatal, and postnatal Pilates classes.

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Spine Corrector Mat Classes - max 6

Pilates Mat work is the most challenging place in the studio to practice Pilates. It provides a challenging and dynamic workout, leaving you feeling stretched and strengthened. We incorporate the Spine Corrector (created by Joseph Pilates) to open your chest, hips and stretch your Spine. The Spine Corrector can help make some Mat exercises more accessible or add an additional challenge in strength or flexibility. The Spine Corrector enhances your ability to practice the Mat work. A workout you can then practice anytime or anywhere. We will also occasionally use the Magic Circle, Stretch bands, hand weights or balls. Practising this class alongside a Studio or Reformer session will dramatically improve how your body moves and feels.

Reformer Classes - max 4

Pilates on the reformer is the fastest place to build strength and flexibility. The Reformer is where your Pilates journey should really begin. It teaches you about your body quickly as you benefit from the extra resistance or feedback that the springs, moving carriage, footbar or straps of the Reformer provide you. Practising the Reformer alongside a mat class will greatly improve your understanding of your body and the matwork.

Studio Sessions - max 4

Use all of Joseph Pilates apparatus to develop your own workout supervised by a teacher. You will use the Reformer, Mat, Barrels, Cadillac, Chairs, Pedi Pole building your understanding of the Pilates method, your body, your strength and flexibility.

Private/Semi Private Sessions

For maximum benefits/attention book a a private session for yourself or with a friend/s using all of Joseph Pilates apparatus.

Pregnancy Classes - max 8

Keep your body moving' easing away any aches and pains whilst strengthening your body and mind in preparation for labour and motherhood.  I love watching women's movement improve as their pregnancy progresses.

Postnatal Classes - max 6

Bring baby! Classes help your body and mind relax, heal and re-strengthen as you adjust to motherhood or being mummy of 2, 3 or 4!

"If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young."
Joseph Pilates.

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